Brian Inda Buck Certified New Wisconsin Archery Typical State Record

Brian Inda of Wautoma has set the Wisconsin typical archery record with a buck scoring 187 5/8 inches. The buck, taken November 2, 2010, was officially scored Saturday January 15th, in Berlin,Wisconsin, by a panel of certified measurers representing the Wisconsin Buck & Bear Club. The rack scored three-eighths of an inch higher than a buck killed by Barry Rose in Dunn County. Rose's buck had held the state record since 2006. The panel consisted of Wil Resch of Berlin, Steve Ashley of Glenwood City, Dave Bathke of Franklin and Stan Zirbel of Greenleaf. All four are certified scorers with the Boone and Crockett Club, the Pope and Young Club and the Wisconsin Buck and Bear Club. The rack had 12 scorable points, five on the right antler and seven on the left. It's inside spread was 22 inches; the longest tine was the left G2 at 14 7/8 inches, with three additional tines measuring over 12 inches! The main beams were 26 3/8 inches on the right and 27 0/8 inches on the left. The rack had a typical gross of 197 5/8.

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